Hotel Canyelles

Draulic Restaurant

Traditional and contemporary Mediterranean cuisine

Nestled beside the cliffs that plunge dramatically into the Bay of Roses, first-hand witness to the comings and goings of fishing boats, and right in the heart of Costa Brava life, guests will find a wooden dome that is a true architectural jewel and an oasis where time stands still and sensations are magnified. A place that harbours an explosion of aromas and flavours that can only be achieved by fusing the gifts of the sea with the extraordinary produce from our rugged land.

Hotel Canyelles
Hotel Canyelles

Powerful simplicity

A space where, without ever eschewing functionality, the architecture unveils the personality and character of chef Marc Descloux. Lover and fervent defender of the culture and traditions of his homeland, he has restored the unique and iconic Catalan tiled flooring of the 19th century. “A perfect floor to keep your feet on the ground”. The spiral dome, a wooden memoir inherited from his father and more typical of the Swiss mountains, inspires a touch of quirkiness where you can dream upon discovering something extraordinary within the classical method. “Being speechless in the face of simplicity”.

Hotel Canyelles

The cuisine

Taste a dressing, stir the sauce, discuss the seasoning with the team and take the boiling pans off the stove again… and then, all of a sudden, you know that the fish is about to be brought into the harbour. This is how Marc Descloux’s culinary expertise takes shape between service and service.


The quest for a balance between traditional high-quality recipes and the cheeky daredevilry of the nouvelle cuisine concept… The subtlety that denotes the fusion of the Mediterranean character and the techniques of Central European and Swiss cuisine… All this makes the culinary offering of the Draulic a cosmos of subtle contrasts and details.

Hotel Canyelles


The olive oil, which is hand-distilled in the winter by the chef himself, is the perfect link to explore and discover the authentic flavour of time-honoured products. Everything the forest offers us, everything we pluck from the sea, everything we plant in our vegetable garden… make our raw materials a textbook definition of local-sourced, which in itself is a pleasure for the senses. The secret of the Draulic concept comes to life long before Marc Descloux gets to work on the produce.

Culinary must-visit

Our chef has prepared you a culinary offering that will take you deep into the flavours of traditional Mediterranean cuisine with contemporary touches. Our menu boasts a selection of meats, fish, seafood, vegetables and seasonal produce, all exquisitely combined. We also highly recommend the wines with D.O. L’Empordà, which feature on our list alongside other international options.

On arrival at the Draulic restaurant, you can choose from the chef’s suggestions or the daily menu. Make the most of your stay on the Costa Brava to explore one of the region’s culinary hotspots.

The Sloop

Admire the outstanding views of the Mediterranean in this privileged waterfront setting while savouring our wonderful cuisine. Between the months of June and September, we provide bar and restaurant service on the beach, with direct access from the car park inside the hotel.

By day, you can enjoy the menu and an assortment of hot and cold sandwiches. At sunset, it turns into a lounge bar where you enjoy the beach from a different approach while savouring an extensive menu of succulent tapas and signature cocktails in a wonderfully laid-back setting.

Hotel Canyelles

Indoor restaurant

After our recent refurbishment, we now have an extended range of dining options. Our menu includes starters and desserts, while you can select your main dish of meat or fish to be served at the table. This service, included in half-board rates, is offered only for dinner and at the hotel’s indoor restaurant.